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Vermont Granite Featured in Sophisticated Landscaping throughout New England

May 6th, 2015


Melting snow and drying mud: It’s the time of year when everything rises to the surface. As spring takes center stage throughout New England, homeowners and contractors alike are using Vermont granite to beautify, reinforce, and redirect the forces of a long winter.

Garden accents, courtyards, pool areas, outdoor dining patios, and walkways in neighboring states are the product of Swenson Granite Company LLC,, the parent company of Rock of Ages Corporation in Barre, Vermont. Vermonters manufacture much of Swenson’s landscaping items at Swenson’s Barre facility; Swenson’s Woodbury, Vermont, quarry is the source of its gray granite landscaping material.

Like many other Vermont products, Vermont granite is another state export that is sought after for its quality, durability and beauty. “Vermont granite is used broadly to rejuvenate natural areas and create new outdoor features and has many interior uses as well.” noted Todd Paton, Director of the Rock of Ages Visitors Center. “Handcrafted bird baths, fountains, sun dials, and compass roses come in a variety of styles that will complement any landscape. From sturdy stone garden benches to edging, from granite steps and mail posts to stone work for a natural spa, traditional fire pit, or rustic outdoor fireplace, there is a Swenson Granite product to suit your needs.”

Observers have noted a growing interest in using stone products for garden landscaping. With a nationwide style trend toward lower garden maintenance, driven by the desire to conserve water, rock landscaping is becoming preferred over thirstier garden alternatives, according to a recent National Public Radio piece.

Resistant to the elements, granite is also more enduring than other landscaping materials and thus is a top choice for a long-term investment in landscaping improvements. Paton noted, “As we say in the industry, ‘Do it once, do it with stone’.”

When the Visitors Center opens in Barre next month, guests may tour the quarry and explore the manufacturing center, getting a bird’s-eye view of the stone cutting process from rough stone block to refined product.

With stores located in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Maine, Swenson invites homeowners and contractors to come in with plans, drawings, and vision. Swenson Granite Works stores are located throughout New England: