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Columbaria, Alternative Nontraditional Memorials, Cremation Memorials

Cremation is becoming increasingly popular, expanding memorialization options. Rock of Ages provides an eclectic line of cremation memorial products, including private and community columbaria, cremation memorial benches, cremation boulder memorials and features.  

Our columbaria can take a variety of sizes and shapes and can be designed to be quite elaborate structures. They follow elegant but simple architectural designs. 

A cemetery columbarium embraces our innermost desire to remain close to those who have gone before us. It offers both a place of safe-keeping for cremated remains, and also a peaceful gathering place, where our most cherished loved ones can be remembered, honored and celebrated.

Our manufacturing capabilities set us apart from our competitors. At our 160,000 square- foot facility, we are able to fabricate even the largest-sized columbaria and provide you with nearly limitless design options.  Our talented engineers, designers and craftsmen are at your disposal to craft a custom columbarium to your exacting specifications.

Please view our gallery for a sample representation of the many possibilities available to you. 

Talk to a memorial counselor today about a Rock of Ages cremation memorial.