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Raw Block Granite Colors

Barre Gray®

From the statue of the Italian stone cutter in the town center, to a village named Graniteville, Barre Vermont has taken its rightful place as the "Granite Capital" of America.  This is a town where the famous Barre Gray granite runs deep, and an entire way of life has grown around this spectacular quarry.  Recognized around the world as the finest quality gray granite available, Barre Gray is the ultimate long-lasting choice in any finish.  Its unique proportions of quartz and feldspar make it unusually durable, moisture resistant and thermally stable.

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Bethel White®

The small town of Bethel is famous for two things: as the first town chartered in Vermont in 1779, and as the home to the legendary Bethel White granite.  The sight of this brilliant white quarry framed by the rolling Green Mountains is unforgettable, as is the sight of this purest of white granite on any building.  Bethel White displays a flawless, even grain and purity of color that truly makes it the most prized white granite in the world.  Its unrivaled beauty and uncommon strength and durability make it the perfect choice for any project where quality is the specification.

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Salisbury Pink®

While our Salisbury Pink quarry in North Carolina is a bit of a distance from our Vermont facilities, we bring the same sense of history and professionalism to all of our operations.  Recognizing the quality of this granite and its potential in the Asian and Middle Eastern markets and beyond, Rock of Ages acquired this quarry in 1997.  

We made a major financial investment in equipment and manpower in order to meet the anticipated demand for the premium granite.  As predicted, Salisbury Pink has grown to be the stone of choice for many projects throughout the world, including the stunning 7-star Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.  Its unique pink shading and fine grain have placed it in the top of its class.

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Gardenia White®

Nestled in the North Carolina countryside, just a few miles from our Salisbury operation, is our Gardenia White quarry.  The quarry itself was started in the early 1990s and acquired by Rock of Ages in 1998.  As with the Salisbury Pink, we recognized Gardenia White granite as a stone of choice in the world market.  We are currently increasing production at this quarry to meet growing demand.  The addition of Gardenia White granite has enabled us to offer our customers a choice when selecting a white granite, depending on their tastes and budgets. 

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American Black®

Our American Black quarry is located about 50 miles northwest of Philadelphia, in the charming town of Elverson, Pennsylvania.  Rock of Ages took over the quarrying operations in 1997 in order to make this lovely, unique granite more readily available to customers throughout the world.  Deep black with prominent white veining, American Black is a beautiful stone that rivals the look of the finest marble, yet has granite's superior strength and resilience.  It is featured in the design of the new National Museum of the American Indian at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC.  This project uses both honed and polished finishes, contrasting the natural look of the outside courtyard with the gleaming interior lobby.

Download PDF of ASTM info, and sell sheet.